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Alternative Medicine -

The Blue Heron Clinic provides treatment and advice for people wishing to improve their health naturally using complimentary and alternative medicine methods (C.A.M.) such as acupuncture, reiki and massage.

Cancer Cure Foundation -

Provides an unbiased analysis of the major alternative-cancer clinics, treatments and therapies.

Dr. Pratt's Cosmetics -

Choose the better alternative to harsh, chemically-laden cosmetics, choose Dr. Pratt's Cosmetics.

E Cigarette -

Use the healthier alternative to smoking and use an E cigarette from Why Smoke. These alternative smoking solutions dont have the harmful chemicals present in traditional cigarettes.

Health & Wellness Medical Center -

With an office in Dublin, OH, Health & Wellness Medical Center offers health services including emergency care, hormone therapy, weight loss, recovery support, and more.

Herbal Options -

If you're looking for natural alternatives to harmful, chemical-based products, turn to Herbal Options. Their products are made using pure herbs in their natural state to give you safe and effective solutions. -

An online health and wellness product and resource center.

Men's Liberty -

Business that provides an alternative solutions to men's urinary incontinence.

Native Roots Dispensaries -

Offers alternative uses for canabis products.

Native Roots Dispensary -

Native Roots Dispensary is Colorado's top cannabis brand and provides high quality medical and recreation marijuana, extracts, infused products, and more.

Natural Body Products -

Crusoeden Body's premium range of natural body products is a better alternative to harmful, chemical-based beauty products. Their products are gentle on your skin and safe for the environment.

Online Hypnosis Center - Nationwide Hypnosis -

Online Hypnosis now is Miracles Hypnosis center online site. We can do skype or phone hypnosis. We do hypnosis for pain, weight loss, stress, anxiety, and hypnosis to stop smoking. Call now for a free consultation.

Rock Bottom Bottles -

Rock Bottom Bottles is an online supplier of BPA-free and pharmaceutical grade e-liquid bottles, with a variety of colors and sizes available.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Bournemouth -

To stop smoking requires will power and commitment and hypnotherapy can help you with this. Quitting smoking is easy to start with, but harder to maintain.

Support Me & You -

In times of psychological and emotional distress, alternatives can seem limited, but not when you have the right help and support. Get the support you need and get a new lease of life from Support Me & You, an online support and therapy centre.

Take 5 Health Solutions -

If you desire to lose weight, combat stress or quit smoking, Take 5 Health Solutions alternative health specialist can help.

Tasty Hemp Oil -

An online store that sells hemp oil for vaping, CBD drops, chews, and more run by a small team of hemp health and wellness enthusiasts. -

Features information and expert opinions on conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Includes reference library, and news.