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Best Dehumidifier Reviews and Ratings - http://www.thedehumidifiercritic.com

TheDehumidifierCritic helps you choose the best dehumidifier for your situation, covering all sizes of dehumidifiers for all areas of your house including the garage, basement and crawl space.

Best Juicers Reviewed - Best Rated Juicers - http://bestjuicersreviewed.com

Best Juicers Reviewed bring reviews and ratings of the best masticating, cold press, slow, and centrifugal juicers available on the market. Including those for juicing fruit, vegetables, citrus, wheatgrass, and green vegetables.

Consumer Soundoff - http://soundoff1.tripod.com/

Dedicated to blowing the whistle on companies and businesses that provide anything from immoral business practices to terrible customer service.

Discount Codes - http://coupon.org

Start saving with promotional deals from your favorite retailers. Ways to save with free shipping and more on coupon.org

Enter Competitions At MyOffers - http://www.myoffers.co.uk/

Enter free online competitions for domestic and lifestyle products at MyOffers.

ExchangeHostingReviews.info - http://www.exchangehostingreviews.info/

Exchange Hosting Reviews is a site where real users of hosted Microsoft Exchange service providers can leave feedback about their experiences with hosted email. The good, bad and odd are all out there for anyone to see.

GuestSatisfactionSurveys.com - http://www.guestsatisfactionsurveys.com

Give them a piece of your mind with Guestsatisfactionsurveys.com, the space where thousands of feedback surveys are easy to find. Whether you want to voice your opinion about a new dish or an experience at a local shop.

High Tech Safety - https://www.hightechsafety.com/

Offers a wide selection of personal safety and home protection products to consumers online.

Home Alarm Systems - http://www.homealarmsystems.com/

A blog discussing home alarm systems, fire alarms, wireless equipment as well as other topics related to your security at home. Read reviews of popular alarm systems and find out best practices in setting up home alarms.

Kanetix USA - http://www.kanetix.com/

Getting the cheapest car insurance quotes online is easy if you use Kanetix's comparison service. Kanetix USA compares quotes offered by multiple insurance providers. Compare quotes online at Kanetix.com today to save time and money.

My Home Online Resources - http://www.myhomeaccountonline.com

Consumer reviews, guides and information.

Octopart - http://octopart.com/

A search engine helping design engineers building news electronic devices. Also features jobs and search syntax.

Online Shopping Promotional Codes - http://promotionalcodes.net

Find ways to save money on your favorite brands. The best promo codes, coupon codes and discounts on the web

Ratings.net - http://www.ratings.net/

Features ratings and reviews for consumer products and services.

Service Guidance - http://www.serviceguidance.com/

Find accurate and detailed step-by-step guidance, together with insights of user experience, to help you better enjoy all kinds of online services.

Shop for Energy Rates - http://www.shopforenergy.com/

ShopForEnergy brings offers from multiple energy suppliers together in one location for customers to compare rates. Now it is easier than ever to find the best deal on energy rates in your area.

Tattletale Consumer Hotline - http://www.tattletaleconsumerhotline.com/

A consumer information and complaint web site offering consumer tips, alerts, credit, debt and legal help.