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Bradley Mowers - https://www.bradleymowers.com/

We believe in the “hands-on” approach. We developed our products in the field by using them. We listen to our customers and are always working to give the best product for the best value. We pledge that our global appeal will never change our small business feel.

Chris Bowers nursery of plants and fruit trees - https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/

Chris Bowers & Sons has the full confidence of many garden owners in the UK thanks to their relentless pursuit of high quality fruit tree stock. If you ask a garden owner where they look for fruit trees for sale, the chances are they’ll recommend this nursery.

Garden Break - http://www.gardenbreak.com/

Features gardening related listings organized by category. Includes resources and a garden store.

GardenPlace.com - http://www.gardenplace.com/

Provides info and tips on growing trees, flowers, shrubs, seeds, lawns.

Horticulture Magazine - http://www.hortmag.com/

Features smart gardening ideas, growing tips and garden how-to techniques help you grow edibles and ornamentals. Includes garden blogs, gardening workshops, garden radio, gardening advice and more.

Iloveplants.com - http://www.iloveplants.com/

A popular web directory and internet garden resource guide to plants and gardening.

LA Info - http://www.la-info.com/

Features gardening equipment and supplies listings organized alphabetically.

Peter the Possum & Bird Man - http://www.possumman.com.au

Don't let all your gardening efforts be in vain due to destructive possum foraging.

Pioneer Pest Control - http://pioneerpestcontrol.com.au

Maintain the beauty and look of your garden with Pioneer Pest Control. Pioneer Pest Control not only helps in pest eradication but also offers expert advice on pest or treatment options available for your homes.