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Biography Center -

A huge directory of biographies available on the Web.

Famous Biography -

Lists all famous biographies of famous people around the world.

International Biographical Centre -

Offers a directory of biographic listings relating to those who have been involved with literature, music or other arts.

Margaret Mitchell House and Museum -

Biographical museum of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind. Includes information on displays, upcmoing events and directions.

National Steinbeck Center -

Located in Salinas Valley, California, a biographical exhibition of John Steinbeck. Included information on his life and works such as Of Mice And Men.

Nick Scali -

This is a carefully constructed biography for Nick Scali whom created a furniture store chain after moving to Australia and overcoming many hurdles along the way. -

Contains information on 33,000 notable people from ancient times to the present day.